shutterstock_58116442 copyHas your medicine cabinet become a black hole where medicines go to die? Are you tired of paying the consequences of the fine print warnings on pharmaceuticals? Would you like to find more natural remedies to help you heal?

Wherever you are along your health reclamation journey, we would like to make you a proposition: Your medicine cabinet should serve you! That’s right. It should serve YOU.

According to “Healthy” means the possessing of good health (a healthy child), conducive to good health (healthy air), indicative of sound, rational thinking or frame of mind (a healthy attitude). In short, healthy is the absence of disease or infirmity.

Therefore, a healthy medicine cabinet should offer just that: HEALTH!

Historically, if we are turning to the medicine cabinet…it’s not good news. It’s the opposite of health. It means we’re clogged up, sliced up, snotted up, cramped up, hacking, laid flat, achy or just plain miserable. We are on the hunt for one thing and that is RELIEF!

Relief: Although it’s necessary at the point of our pain; it is not the original intent for our lives. We were designed and intended to live in health and wholeness.

According to the definition of healthy as noted above (the absence of disease or infirmity), our medicine cabinet should be releasing us into our original state: healthy.

The products we use should address the root causes of illness, build us up, and restore our original state, not just mask symptoms.

So how do we create a medicine cabinet that will provide this RELEASE? Here’s where the rubber meets the road. This may require a fundamental change in our approach.

For the majority today; medicine cabinets have become a ‘rescue’ station, a place to run to for relief, a one-stop shop “quick fix”. We fill our cabinets with rescue aids and symptom stoppers. This is a ‘clean up crew’ approach. It does not prevent or heal the reason (runny nose, cough) for which we are running to the cabinet.

Instead, a healthy medicine cabinet will provide the necessary nourishment for your immune system in order to prevent the ailment in the first place. (It will also serve as a relief station for those dire times when a cold or flu sneaks in but that is not its primary focus.)

A healthy medicine cabinet is stocked with food-based supplements (to boost our immunity and strengthen our cells) essential oils, and tinctures. Even many of the items in our refrigerator and pantry, like seeds, nuts, and REAL FOOD also qualify as our “healthy medicine cabinet”!

Our medicine cabinet is not just limited to a physical cabinet, but it’s every resource around our home that supplies health to us:

  • Our supplement drawer or cabinet
  • Our garden
  • Our fridge
  • Our pantry

Any tool, product, or food that releases us into true health and provides nutrients that bring sound communication at a cellular level qualifies for inclusion in our healthy “medicine cabinet”.

As our own health advocates, we stock our home with substances that nourish us, build us up and will not add any burden to our immune system and body.  

That’s it! That’s the paradigm shift! A healthy “medicine cabinet” (the supply of health contributors) is a part of our daily lives, offering up strengthening items rather than an emergency station to treat negative outcomes.

As the Reclaim Your Health core team, we want to encourage you to REthink your “medicine cabinet” today. We’ve gone through the process of ridding our households of harsh, synthetic pharmaceuticals and fake food that break DOWN our bodies and substituted natural alternatives that build UP our bodies. We’ve become focused on nutrifying our bodies instead of waiting for a crisis. Join us in becoming Health Reclaimists!

By Stephanie Magno & Vicki Norris, Reclaim Your Health Consultants



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