SCRAP Your Crafty Good Intentions!

Do unused craft supplies clutter your desk?  Have you bought more art supplies than you could use in a lifetime? Does the path of “good intentions” rule your crafty habits? Or maybe you just have a project drawer or closet that needs to get cleaned out?  

Well we have the perfect place where unused craft supplies can be repurposed: SCRAP!

Located on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Portland, OR, SCRAP is a warehouse full of donated crafts supplies and materials for art.  You will find school, office, and party supplies in this location, and the inventory changes constantly depending upon the donations.  It’s always a fun adventure each time you walk inside!
SCRAP was originally founded by a small group of school teachers that wanted to give other teachers opportunity to share unused art and school materials.  The reuse of these items caught on quickly and in 1999 a grant was offered to make SCRAP a small creative reuse center for the community.  Now it has grown to having four satellite locations across the country.


One of the neatest facts about SCRAP is that in 2013, SCRAP diverted over 140 tons of unusable material from the waste stream! It’s fun and good for our environment.

SCRAP also offers great educational programs as well as their annual summer Camp SCRAP, where kids learn to bring new life into old materials.  Click HERE for more information on their educational programs.

Our professional organizers at Restoring Order have reclaimed many craft rooms from their usual state of disorder to a useful and beautiful space.  SCRAP is a big part of helping our clients give well as they prune their old art and craft materials. 

Check out this video of Vicki Norris on KATU’s morning talk show AM Northwest organizing a craft closet:

Craft Closet Miracle 

Weather you have a craft closet or a craft room, SCRAP can help you clean out and downsize those unwanted items creating more room for those projects that you look forward to accomplishing.  As professional organizers, our mission is to help you get back to your true priorities!

Donation hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 11am to 6pm at: 2915 MLK JR. BLVD Portland, OR 97212. Get Directions

For more information about SCRAP, click HERE to view their website.

Also, SCRAP is one of our favorite Pinterest pages; check it out!

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