Do you have used building materials and tools collecting dust in your garage?  Do you have plans for those old kitchen cabinets?  How about an old appliance you are about to take to the dump?  Wait! The ReBuilding Center is a fantastic local resource for off-loading used building materials!

used building materials at rebuilding center

Remember how we mentioned that our company mandate is to “RE” the “DIS” in the world? (Read more about that here.) Helping turn your DISorder into materials that will help someone else REbuild is right up our alley! That is why we love the ReBuilding Center and the service it provides to our community.

The ReBuilding Center is one of the largest used building materials companies in this region.  Now with over 30 staff members, the ReBuilding Center started as a small group of volunteers from Our United Villages in 1998.  It is a non-profit organization that strives to ensure that home repairs are affordable to everyone by reselling used building materials. The Rebuilding Center is dedicated to providing resources that benefit our community as well as teaching sustainable building practices.

Not only can you donate your old building materials, but you can also get building ideas though their educational workshops.  They even create jobs in the community with their Deconstructive Services, an affordable and sustainable demolition practice.  The ReBuilding Center is making a positive difference in the community and your donations of old building materials and appliances can help ensure everyone has access to these items.  

Restoring Order professional organizing consultants sometimes find themselves waist deep in a client’s garage, overflowing with clutter and dusty tools.  The challenge comes in finding a responsible way of cleaning out and disposing of old tools and building materials.  The ReBuilding Center is a perfect place to donate and they even have a free pick-up service!

We hope that in the future you will consider donating used building materials to a good cause before sending them off to the landfill. You can give well knowing that your clutter is making a difference in the community!

Click HERE for a list of materials you can donate. 

Donations can be dropped off during business hours:
Monday-Friday: 10am to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 5pm
Sunday: 10am to 5pm

The ReBuilding Center is located on 3625 N. Mississippi Portland, OR 97227.

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