Getting Organized for Good

Most organizing “makeovers” focus on aesthetic transformations emphasizing products, labels, and fancy (if impractical) decor. But, those who have purchased all the plastic, labeled all the bins, and tidied like mad know that external trappings of “order” aren’t the ticket.

Most of us wonder why we can’t get organized – and stay organized – even though we’ve tried time and again every trick in the book. While we may contain our clutter for a short period of time, what we really desire is lasting change. We aren’t interested in just masking our mess – we are committed to getting organized for good!

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As with any authentic change process, it’s what happens on the inside – not the outside – that counts. If we are willing to replace our prettifying efforts with principles, we can achieve an ordered life and environment.

In my book, Reclaim Your Life and Get Organized for Good, I share six key principles that, when applied consistently, will lead to lasting order. Understanding and activating these principles will ramp your understanding of organizing to a whole new level.


Here are the 6 “Ps” for getting organized for good:

  1. The Priority Principle – To create sustainable order, we must first identify and live according to our true priorities (read more)
  2. The Process Principle – Organizing is not a set of activities; it is a fluid, natural, revealing process in which you discover solutions that fit with your environment and lifestyle (read more)
  3. The Pain Principle – If you can understand why and how pain works to keep you from organizing your life, then you can address it head-on and create a plan for overcoming it (read more)
  4. The Preparation Principle – Choosing organization for your life can help you reclaim control and equip you for opportunity (read more)
  5. The Pruning Principle – We will flourish in our personal, spiritual, and physical life when we expose ourselves and our environment to frequent pruning (read more)
  6. The Possibility Principle – When we engage in organizing, we reclaim our potential, embrace possibilities, and enhance our quality of life (read more)

Living a life of order is not a quick fix or a one-time effort. It is a series of choices throughout your life based on your priorities.

If you commit to investing in your priorities, and thus your own success, you’ll enjoy:

  • Insight into that which really matters to you and how to build a life that supports those priorities
  • The grace to allow organizing to be an ongoing process and lifestyle rather than an overwhelming event
  • Power over the obstacles that have prevented you from tacking your disorganization
  • Control and freedom to seize the opportunities that come into your life
  • A de-clogged environment and life that allow you to focus your energy, time, and resources
  • Fulfilled potential as you live the abundant life you were meant to live

I hope you enjoy this guided tour through authentic organizing! Putting these 6 P’s into practice will help you in getting organized for good!


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