How to Get Unstuck: Stop Awfulizing

Ever wonder why you can’t get organized or why it’s hard to get started? Do you feel stopped and like you just can’t get yourself to take action?

It could that be you are AWFULIZING the process!

Stop awfulizing to get unstuck!

Awfulizing is something we all do – even without knowing it!

It occurs when we are preparing to take something on that we don’t have experience with. Our thoughts tell us:

  • We won’t be good at it
  • It will take a lot of time
  • It will be expensive
  • We will get part way through and not know how to finish
  • We don’t know how to get started
  • We don’t have the expertise

These thoughts can turn a simple task into something insurmountable. The result? We do NOTHING! Then, we are stuck with the status quo and our projects never advance.


Combat Awfulizing and Get Unstuck

Step 1: Get Some Perspective

Combat awfulizing by counting the costs of NOT taking the action.

Get out a notepad and write down what it is COSTING you to NOT have order in a specific area of your life. This strategy can help in ANY area of life. Consider your household, work, health, and spirit!

How to Get Unstuck - Get Some Perspective

Ask yourself:

  • How much time is lost each day by lacking order in this area of life?
  • What are the emotional costs in frustration and stress?
  • What are the relational costs on your marriage, family, friendships, work relationships?
  • How much money are you losing through disorder? (medical bills, late fees, lost opportunities)
  • What physical costs are you experiencing in your body? (anxiety, fatigue, poor health)

Counting these costs and seeing them written out on paper will help you get unstuck by providing the motivation needed to get started!

Step 2: Gather a team

One of the biggest mistakes we make in life is thinking we have to go it alone. The fact is that life doesn’t happen in a vacuum! Our home life, work life, health, and spiritual life happen in community and drawing on that community is the best way to ensure healthy living in all these areas.

How to Get Unstuck - Gather a Team

An easy way to get unstuck is by calling is reinforcements! Many of the things we awfulize are easy to someone else!

Now that you have mustered the motivation to begin, gather your tribe – a family member, friend, or professional – and get started!

Step 3: Celebrate

Don’t forget to celebrate!

Celebrate when the project is done because you have taken an action toward reclaiming your life! This may seem trivial, but it is actually NECESSARY to get unstuck on future projects and get your momentum going!

How to Get Unstuck - Celebrate with Friends

The mental reward of celebrating your hard work and that you turned a “Can’t” into a “Can” (read more about that here) actually impacts your brain! It associates taking on difficult tasks with a positive experience. The more you build those connections in your brain, the easier it is to take action and get unstuck in the future.

I hope this strategy has helped you stop awfulizing and get unstuck so you can go the distance and reclaim your life!


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