[This article originally appeared in Family Circle]

Organizing the mudroom

Tired of an entryway heaped with coats, boots and backpacks? “Create an area by the back door where your family’s everyday items have a designated spot,” suggests Vicki Norris, author of Restoring Order to Your Home (Harvest House). If you don’t have built-in storage, here’s her foolproof formula for cutting the clutter.

  • For a personal touch, add nameplates.
  • Affix heavy-duty double hooks or a pegboard directly underneath shelves for outerwear.
  • Hang shelves with cubbyholes at eye level as catchalls for hats, sunglasses and lunch bags.
  • A bench or chair makes taking off shoes easy and is a convenient drop-off for items like library books or grocery bags.
  • Utilize the space underneath as a shoe rack or bins for school gear.
  • Keep a weatherproof trunk on the back porch or in the garage to stow things like snow boots and umbrellas.
  • On your highest shelf, store seasonal items and sports equipment.
  • Position a key rack on the wall closest to the door.

-By Laura Serino



See the PDF here: Family Circle: The Mudroom 10/2008

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