Organized workbench in garage

Summer is right around the corner!  Many of our organizing clients are ready to get their garage organized in order to prepare for household projects, yard work, camping, BBQs, bike rides, and all the other fun that summer brings.

As a little inspiration for you to take on your nagging project before summer starts, we want to share the dramatic progress we’ve made in the garage of one of our Portland area clients.

This organizing client’s workbench had become a dumping ground for tools and other household items.  Not only was it becoming an eye sore, but it was no longer able to be used for its intended purpose!  The clutter was making it difficult to find things among the many “homeless” odds and ends.

workbench before and after

Our organizing consultant worked with the client to restore the workbench to its intended purpose. After finding new homes for miscellaneous items, the workbench now has easy access to use and put away tools. Those household projects are more likely to get accomplished when you know exactly where to look for the items you need!

So, whether you tackle the project yourself, with a friend, or call in the experts and hire a professional organizer we hope seeing this transformation inspires YOU to get started on YOUR OWN PROJECT to prepare for a SIMPLIFIED summer!


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