Energize Your Entry

The first impression of your home is your exterior entry area. Energize your entry for a quick project with high pay off! If there are dying plants, accumulating weeds, and if your Easter wreath is still hanging on your door, it may be time to freshen up!

This project can take just an hour or a half day if you want.

You can decide whether you want it to be a free project or establish a budget for the upgrade.

  • Hose or sweep the area, including the concrete or steps, cobwebs above the door, and dirt on the siding.
  • Remove any vestige of death – piles of decaying leaves, browned-out plants, etc.
  • Repurpose items from your garage or garden for décor, or even sturdy items you have inside to decorate the space. It can be a simple or seasonal as you like.

My front entry includes hanging baskets, potted plants, a wrought iron distressed bench, and a vintage watering can. A wooden hand-made “SIMPLIFY” sign Trevor and I made brightens the doorway.

This could be your kick-off project, as you will get daily payoff for your effort as you and guests catch sight of your home!


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