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For nearly 2 decades as a professional organizer I have helped families restore their home and reclaim their lives.  I have seen what true disorder is and how lives change when order is restored.

The holidays are a busy time leaving many feeling overwhelmed and even the most organized people have trouble maintaining order in their household.  In these years I have watched as family after family “get through” the holidays.  I know what trips them up and have decided to write down how you can fill the holidays with simple, priceless things instead of losing it to the pressures of the “overs”.

With much love and attention we are proud to release my first ebook, Ending Holiday Overwhelm.  
This busy time of year fills our lives with even more events, commitments, and tasks that cause overwhelm.  What should be a season of peace turns into a season of stress.

This is a 25 page guide to help you take back the holidays and keep yourself and your household sane.

The five “overs”:

May you relish the smells, savories, and songs of the season, preferring them to the
crowded schedule and stuff with which you were formerly burdened.  

May the luster of true Peace fill your heart and home.

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