Eliminate Old Electronics

I promise…it’s ok to eliminate old electronics. No one ever goes back to their old phones. And, NO, you shouldn’t “save” your old computer so that you can use it for your toddler when they are older. And if you have CPUs laying around because you still want to get the data off them, pencil in a weekend to get ‘er done!

Old electronics can include anything from TVs to radios to handheld devices to phones to computers to appliances. Electronics have a shelf life and they take up shelf space!

And the scary thing is, technology changes so fast that if we don’t deal with stuff pretty immediately, our promise to ourselves to “get back to it” never materializes.

Deal with your electronics backlog:

  1. First gather it in once space, grouping it by type.
  2. Then, make a list of what needs to be done to each item in order to donate/dispose of it and add how much time it will take next to each item on your list. This will help you budget the right amount of time to deal with this backlog.
  3. Then, decide whether a dedicated weekend or just 15 minutes a day will suffice (and fit your schedule) to ditch the deadwood in this ever-growing pile.

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