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Pantry perfect tips

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Whether you’ve got a compact kitchen with limited cabinet space or are blessed with a spacious pantry, it’s tough to keep the pasta, cereal, spices, canned goods and condiments that fill your cabinets under control. Add in recycling bins, dishwater, stemware, and barware, plus pots, pans and cleaning supplies, and organizing your kitchen or pantry becomes an even bigger challenge. But it’s not impossible! We asked Vicki Norris, of Portland, Oregon-based organizing company Restoring Order, for advice.

Know Thy Possessions

Remove everything from your shelves and drawers, then decide what should stay, what can be consolidated, and what should be tossed or moved.

Divid & Conquer

Pare down and group items in logical categories. “Let them emerge as you go,” Norris suggests.

Designate a Place For Everything

Label your shelves to help you and your family keep the new system in place.

Shop Smart

Consider new storage containers, but “never purchase a product until you know what you will be using it for,” says Norris, or it can become clutter, too.

Mix It Up

Repurpose what you have. Norris uses vintage baskets, bins and tins to hold her dry goods. This is a fun and economical way to add personality to your cabinets.



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