create a gift center


Do you have an old bookshelf or dresser or closet that you can partially or totally reclaim?

A fun summer project is to create a special home for your Gift Center!

This is a place to store hospitality gifts, gifts-purchased-ahead, gift wrap, bags, bows, gift accessories, and greeting cards.


create a gift center

If gifting is one of your love languages, you will enjoy having a place dedicated for this art.

We have helped several clients establish unique Gift Centers, some very elaborate with pegboard for rolls of ribbon and paper and counter space to wrap, and some a very simple corner of a closet.

Assign as much real estate to this as gifting is important to you.

At minimum, reunite all these items for easy access but let your creativity (and Pinterest) inspire you to become a gifting expert!

(This is also a way to Avoid Holiday Overwhelm come December!)

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