corral the photos

I know that I cannot be alone in the proliferation of electronic photos. A few months ago, out of desperation (my iPhone would not allow me to take any more pictures!), Trevor and I sat down to assess our clogs and our backup needs. It was time to corral the photos! 

That’s the first step in photo organization: get the state-of-the-union.

Then comes the careful work of transferring files. Don’t rush this step. Whether you select hard drive or cloud-based storage, when you are moving photos over, establish folders by year rather than simply labeling folders from the device they came from “Vicki’s iPhone.”

Yes, this is a more disciplined transfer process, but it will remove redundant work later.

Be sure you have a backup to the backup; photo data loss is the most heart-wrenching of all!

You want to know something crazy? I burst into happy tears when Trevor finished architecting our system and completed the photo transfer. I was so relieved and I had no idea that my precious family photos being in too many places bothered me so much.

This is a project that would also be good for the rainy months, but when it comes to our special memories, it’s better to be proactive than reactive and get a system in place sooner-than-later!

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