Rearranging Remedy


The Rearranging Remedy

Sometimes when we are really motivated, we roll up our sleeves and charge into a room with the goal of conquering the clutter.  Like a steely-eyed warrior, we attack our space with a vengeance.  Fed up with disorganization, we madly begin sorting and purging.

We might begin in the family room by grouping our junk together in piles.  We move furniture out of the way and discover lost game pieces and action figures underneath.  We don’t know what to do with the game pieces and toys, so we put them in a pile.  We circle the room de-cluttering and arranging the stuff within it.  When we don’t know what yo do with something, we simply shuffle it to another spot of another room.

At the end of the day, the room may appear as though our hard work paid off.  It may look and feel organized, but one crucial step was missing.  We never made a decision about which items should be living in the room.  We still don’t know the purpose of the family room and it’s contents.  Without knowing the purpose of the room or the contents, a room won’t stay organized because the objects become nomadic and travel room to room looking for a home.


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