Is your clothes closet ready for a refresh?

If you’ve been lacking inspiration lately, here are 3 tips to restore order to your WARDROBE!

RefreshMix up what you already have

If you’re feeling underwhelmed or uninspired by your wardrobe, perhaps it is time to refresh. Refreshing is about organizing outfits to make dressing and launching into your day easier!

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Clothes-Closet-Refresh-Hanging-Clothes-OrganizerOne of my favorite tools for refreshing my wardrobe is my rolling rack where I can set out clothes for the next day or an upcoming special event and assemble outfits. This is a great strategy for anyone who is VISUAL! I love being able to see my options and how pieces coordinate without making a big mess in my closet.

Another tool I love to use is a hanging clothes organizer. Once I’ve created outfits on my rolling rack, I transfer the pieces to the hanging organizer. I can include accessories and even shoes in the cubbies and make getting ready for the day a breeze. Hanging clothes organizers are also a great tool for easy mornings with kids!

One of my favorite wardrobe organizing tricks is hanging one of these organizers in the shower of my RV to organize my outfits while “glamping”! Take a couple of these organizers on your next vacation with kids to avoid the suitcase dig and make launching into your days easy!

When our clients need help with wardrobing, our Order Restorers will create new outfits using the client’s own clothes. Our professional organizer will take pictures of these outfits and organize them in an album on the client’s phone. That way, the client can easily access the photo album with ideas and inspiration for an outfit when they are feeling uninspired in their clothes closet.


As you are putting together these outfits, it is a great idea to try on the outfits to take the picture! This will help you remember how pieces fit and how you feel in the items, allowing you to retire clothing items that don’t make you feel amazing. After you’ve gone through your wardrobe, if there are articles of clothing that weren’t included in any of the photographed outfits, it’s probably time to let those pieces go!

For even more help with creating outfits and tracking when you’ve worn them, check out some online styling apps to photograph all your clothes and get handheld help with styling.

RepurposeUtilize consignment


I adore pre-loved clothes! You can find more unique items and at low cost by shopping consignment. It is great for your wallet, for small business, and for reducing consumerism!

If you consider your clothing an investment, utilizing consignment stores is a great way of repurposing your investment! I love to sell my clothes that I’m not wearing and trade out for something else.

Do an internet search for consignment stores in your area and take your clean, gently used items. Use the money earned to buy new pieces to liven up your wardrobe. You can also do this on many online apps.

This strategy of repurposing clothing is great for kids, too. Recently I took my kid’s clothes in to a consignment store and found some items for me!

RegiftKeep clothes moving

Refresh your clothes closet by keeping clothes moving! If you are only acquiring pieces and never letting go, your closet will become overloaded and overwhelming. In addition to repurposing your clothes through consignment, regifting is a great strategy for letting go of items that don’t work for you anymore.

To keep this process organized in your closet, use these tips:

  1. Create an easy donation system
  2. One bag for donate & one bag for sell
  3. Use removable bags


The cool thing about regifting your clothing is that it keeps your clothes closet thinned out and it blesses others with things that you’re no longer using.

As you weed items out of your clothes closet to donate, consider people in your life who may be blessed by the items. From there, consider local charities that can put the clothing to good use in your community. Take what’s left to a donation drop off such as Salvation Army or Goodwill. For more ideas on giving well, read our Giving Well blog series.

Refreshing, repurposing, and regifting your wardrobe is a great spring project. For more helpful tips on overhauling your clothes closet, download our free printable!

Here’s to restoring order to your wardrobe and reclaiming your life!



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