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Clear Out & Give Well – Musical Instruments

While going through the “pruning” process with our clients, it is very important to our company that we educate clients on how to not only give…but give well!  I like to show clients they don’t just have to take the pruned items to a resale shop or local Goodwill, but they can donate them to organizations that they are passionate about!

This past week when working with a client clearing out her basement, we stumbled upon 5 large boxes of her 30 year old daughter’s belongings.  Her daughter now is married with a home of her own,  but still has these boxes stashed at her mom’s house!  As we were sorting through these boxes we found a violin, clarinet, and stacks of old sheet music.

At this point, my client called her daughter to see if she wanted any of our findings.  Her daughter was swift to proclaim she didn’t know these items were still in the basement….she thought she got rid of these boxes years ago!  Although it was easy for my client’s daughter to part with these musical instruments, it was not so easy for my client. She remembered the years of lessons and performances…and the money spent!

After talking out the options of what she could do with the musical instruments, I told her about an organization called, “Ethos Music Center”.  This organization’s mission is to provide music based education for youth in under-served communities. They love receiving instrument donations from the community so they can lend them out for free to low-income students who otherwise would not be able to have access to them.

My client and her daughter were so thrilled to be able to not only clear out the clutter, but pass on the amazing gift of music to children less fortunate. What musical instruments do you have lying around your home that are not being used? I challenge you this week to go through your basement, attic, or storage unit and see what you find!


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