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Storage for the bath

Tidy Tips: Get your bathroom organized for good with these tips from Vicki Norris, founder of Restoring Order (restoringorder.com).

  • Blank Slate: Completely empty out and clean your medicine cabinet and vanity drawers. Sort products, creating categories as you go. and be ruthless, says Norris. “let go of gift lotions, old makeup and expired medicine.”
  • Eliminate Excess: Differentiate between “overstock” and everyday items. “move unopened packages, huge bottles and rarely used products to a cabinet in an adjacent room,” says Norris. avoid bulk buys, and purchase re lls only when they’re needed.
  • Happy Home: if you share your bathroom with a spouse or the entire family, allot zones for each person. each should be responsible for maintaining his or her own area.
  • Activate Order: embrace the new system and don’t let clutter pile up. “Good organization is about practicing a daily habit,” says Norris.

-By Lindsay Damast



See the PDF here: Kitchens & Baths: Clean Sweep 11/2009

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