Celebrating moms

It’s almost Mother’s Day, and at Restoring Order, we love celebrating moms. We believe that what every mom needs – and deserves – is to be honored & appreciated. In that spirit, I’ve taken a moment to honor my mom, Jean.

Her face is tanned and freckled for she loves to soak in the sun.  I’ve never known her to wear a hint of makeup in her life except lipstick and her skin is soft and beautiful.

Her hands tell a story of anticipating needs and hospitality on the go. They’ve spent years in dishes and working ably in the kitchen yet they’re manicured and bejeweled on every finger.  If she leaves the house for the day, she leaves sandwiches for those left behind. When exuberant young explorers show up at her house (across the field) begging for snacks, they’re deposited at the counter and fed goodies and stories. She’s even prepared snacks in miniature bags that she carries in her car console for distributing snacks as she passes by in the driveway. She’s a planner.

Her shoes always match her outfit and she has a coordinating outfit for every day. When she walks in a room it is filled with a lovely elixir of coconut and perfume. And her walk-in closet hosts her presence in that familiar scent. She is impeccable.

I’ve rarely bought shoes for my kids or clothes for the next season. She gets to it first because she is always observing details. Upon return from her hunt, she excitedly shares the discounts and double coupons she found to snag the deal-of-the-day. She loves to replace shoes with holes in the toes and see “her boys” outfitted…she’s a provider.

Her answer is almost always yes. We’re going for dinner, would you like to come? We’re canoeing today, can you join? Would you let the dogs out while we’re away today? We have a business event to attend, can you watch the boys? Want to go to the Lego exhibit with me and the boys? She’s a companion.

She knows just what children need – after all, she spent her whole career serving them. She fills her grandsons’ backpacks with new toys and coloring books and quiet games for long journeys. Like her mother before her, she gets in the thick of it – she plays ball and referees bike races and breaks up fights handily. She’s a doer. And because of that, her house and hugs are a haven for troubled hearts. She’s a Nana.

My mother is my right hand. Without her, it really would be impossible to run a business, homeschool our children, and operate a farm and household that serves as an equipping center for so many. She shows up with baskets full of flowers to fill vases. She quite often manages my laundry and dry cleaning. As a professional shopper, she’s our grocery concierge, supply restocker, and need filler. She shows up early and stays late. She is the best friend a daughter could have.

From her I learned how to set a table, serve till every last glass is hand-washed, and take joy from my guests feeling cared for. From her I learned (and am still learning) how to keep a house (she makes it look so easy) and family running smoothly.

She’s the strongest, toughest, most loyal woman I know. Her love never fails. She is my mom – Jean Fischer. Jean is a derivative of John and it means God’s grace. She is grace in my life and a steadfast example of what a mother is….and I words can’t contain the scope of her meaning in my life.

So, Mom, I want you to know how loved and adored you are. I want you to know how indispensable you are. I want you to have the honor and appreciation you deserve. Every mother needs that and I am privileged you are my Mom!

As part of our extended Restoring Order family, we want to hear about your mom, too! Share here on our blog stories of YOUR mom and how she has impacted your life. Let’s give every mom what she deserves – honor and appreciation!



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