Bulletin Board Abuse
Organizing Mistakes to Avoid, Part 3: Bulletin Board Abuse

Do you have a bulletin board in your home that is covered with memorabilia, kid’s artwork, baby shower invitations and items paper from 5 years ago?  If you answered “yes” then you, like many people, suffer from bulletin board abuse.

The good news is…there is hope!  You can reclaim your bulletin board so that it can actually be useful.  Now, the only way that I have ever seen a bulletin board actually be useful, is to have it be purposed for only ONE type of paper.  (Yes, only one type of paper!) An example would be pictures, cards, or a calendar.  If you only allow one type of paper to be posted on the bulletin board, it will look purposeful and pretty instead of cluttered and ugly!

I challenge you this week to reclaim your bulletin board!  Start by taking every single piece of paper off the board and purpose it for only ONE type of paper.  Now, if you cannot seem to get your head around using your bulletin board for only one type of paper….just take the whole thing down!  There are many times when working with clients, we have just removed the temptation all together!  Either way, this is your week to do something about it!


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