brighten the black hole under your sink

What is lurking in the black hole beneath your kitchen sink? Or maybe worse, what’s under your bathroom sinks???

These awkward, deep, squarish spaces intruded by pipes can become stashing stations. I’ve found that people stash product packaging, gifted items, and expired products here.

  • Begin by emptying the contents and grouping items.
  • Relocate anything you stashed to a more appropriate home.
  • Then “purpose” each space.

Under my bathroom sink are body and hair supplies. Under my husband’s sink are travel bags and items. Under our kitchen sink are paper and plastic bags and kitchen cleaning products.

One of my favorite products to maximize interior vertical space is a narrow two or three drawer plastic bin (measure first and know what you want to store; tall or bulky items won’t work in small drawers). Pull-out shelves are the Cadillac option for these spaces, but must be custom made.

Reclaiming the black hole is worth it for these often-used spaces!

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