Behold the Shoe Bar

In thousands of homes over the years, I have discovered that many folks carry their shoes up and downstairs every day, as dutiful, reflexive soldiers.

Or, they stumble over Mt. Shoe by the front and back door and under tables and counters.

Shoes are not cheap and the more we schlep them the more wear and tear they receive!

One day early in my organizing career when I observed this problem, I asked the homeowner how much they really needed their hall closet. Winter coats used 10 days out of the year, and long-forgotten camera gear was swiftly relocated to make room for the (drum roll) SHOE BAR.

We retrofitted the closet with shelves and stowed every family member’s shoes within. Many variations have ensued based on needs.

The best part of a shoe bar located near your entrance?: Ease of use!


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