I think we can all agree the “out of sight, out of mind” spaces are the most challenging to keep organized. The hall closet, the spare bedroom, the garage – it becomes so easy for those corners to turn into a “catch all” for the stuff we don’t know what else to do with. The sad part is how much underutilized space this can mean!


One of our long term clients asked our consultant Tiffany to  tackle their storage shed. After moving into their house 5 years ago, this detached shed quickly became the forgotten “catch all” for their belongings and the floor became covered with nomadic items. Most of the storage was used to store things the family used infrequently but wanted to keep, such as camping gear, canning jars, tools, home maintenance supplies, gardening tools, catering items and party supplies, and extra furniture.


Tiffany started by pulling all the items out of the storage shed and grouping them by category. As a team, they decided which pieces of furniture would stay and which ones would go.


They staged furniture and listed it on Craigslist for free. Our consultants not only help you with the physical process but also the task of parting with unwanted items!


Once the clutter had been reduced and organized, Tiffany developed organizational systems for the important things in the shed. On one side of the shed, Tiffany added metal storage shelves for the catering and party supplies. Clear plastic bins make it easy to know exactly where things are for quick access.

The other side of the shed became Camping Gear Central. Grouping like things together, Tiffany put all the sleeping bags, lanterns, and tools in big blue bins labeled with their contents. All the cooking pots, tarps, and propane are together on the long brown storage units pictured here. To best utilize the space, Tiffany added overhead storage for the tents, folding chairs, mattress pads, and coolers.


At the completion of this project, the family’s newly organized storage shed transformed from an overwhelming, disorganized part of their lives to a functional area to better serve their needs. 


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