Undoubtedly one of the most disorganized spaces in every home are the bathrooms. These high-traffic areas can easily fall out of order. Here are four bathroom organizing ideas I utilize in my own master bathroom to maintain order:


Now, there is a difference between cleaning and organizing! In the bathroom, however, plan to clean a lot of things as you organize! You’ll also want to reserve some storage space for cleaning products so they are easily accessible to keep the bathroom fresh.

I recommend having a non-toxic, multi-purpose cleaner on hand. I use an essential oil cleaner that I keep in my shower for easy access. Having cleaners located at the point of use eliminates hunting and makes quick cleanings much easier.

Now, on to organizing! Here are four master bathroom organizing ideas that will help you keep your bathroom looking lovely!


The biggest organizing challenge we find in bathrooms is an over-abundance of products. From hair and cosmetic products that you tried and didn’t love, to the tiny travel shampoos collected from your hotel stays, to spa-type products that are collecting dust, holding on to too many products in the bathroom is an organizing nightmare.

Therefore, the first step in getting this space organized is to pull out all your products and prune down to just what you actually use!

  • For products that have been used only once, consider a friend or family member who may enjoy it. Depending on how old the product is, you may be able to return it to the store you purchased it from and recoup that expense! Or, consider donating to a local charity in need.


  • Unused personal care products be donated to local shelters and programs such as Northwest Children’s Outreach to bless people in need in your community. Instead of hanging on to these myriad small bottles, grab a couple re-usable travel sized squeeze bottles and fill it with your current products when you travel. This reduces waste and ensures that you only have products on hand that you’ll actually use!


  • Have you been gifted scented lotions, face masks, bath bombs, etc that are just collecting dust? Stop and consider if you will ACTUALLY use these items. If you will use them, store them in a place where you will see them and remember you have them! Maybe schedule a time of pampering and be intentional about enjoying the relaxation the gift intended. If you won’t use them, consider re-gifting or donating them to clear out space in your bathroom.



TIP: exchange all conventional products for non-toxic products. Healthier products typically cost a little more so you will naturally accumulate less. Limiting the number of products and types chemicals that you put on your body will mean fewer products as well! Read more about healthier body products here.


Purpose each space:

Oftentimes bathroom drawers become a series of junk drawers, and that’s not to mention the black hole that is the under sink areas! Avoid this by assigning a specific purpose to each space in your master bathroom.


  • After pruning your products, sort into categories:
    • Face
    • Body
    • Beauty
    • Dental
    • Hair
    • Medical (contacts, medications, etc)
    • Grooming
    • Feminine
  • Determine what will live in each drawer based on how much you have of each item.
    • In my bathroom I have a drawer for beauty, a drawer for dental, and a drawer for hair & eyes. Once you establish the purpose for these spaces, try limiting yourself to only the amount of products that will fit in that space.
    • Consider all the spaces available in your bathroom and make determinations on what should live in a drawer and what is better in a cabinet.
  • Use trays with divided sections or drawer dividers to keep these spaces organized




  • Upper “medicine” cabinet tips:
    • Don’t over-fill! Avoid stacking items or layering to make getting items in and out of the cabinet easy.
    • Assign a purpose (and label) each shelf – hair, beauty, medication, etc.
  • Under sink cabinet tips:
    • Once again – PURPOSE the space!
    • Utilize vertical space by adding storage drawers and using bins
    • Use this space for items that you use less frequently
    • Find more creative bathroom organizing ideas for under sink areas here



Freshen up:


An important bathroom organizing idea is setting a schedule to keep your bathroom fresh and tidy:

Weekly: counters & sinks, straighten up drawers

Monthly: wash cosmetic brushes, wipe out drawers, wipe cabinet shelves

Annually: clear out – things you haven’t used in the past year – get rid of




Keep Handy:

The final bathroom organizing idea is to keep frequently-used items handy.Master-Bathroom-Organizing-Ideas-Essential-Oils

These are items that may not seem to be “bathroom” items, but that you find yourself reaching for often. In our bathroom, we keep scissors, roller, and a hand mirror nearby.

Another feature of our master bathroom is our “pharmacy.” We use essential oils multiple times a day, so keeping them handy is very important! I use hanging jewelry sorters to keep my essential oils organized and make them easy to grab and to put away.

I hope these bathroom organizing ideas will help you simplify your routines and improve your health – here’s to reclaiming your life!



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