Reclaiming my health is another full time job

As I was organizing my supplements the other day, and cross referencing my handy grid showing the amounts and frequencies of each, it struck me how much time this “reclaiming my health” is really taking. Sometimes it feels like another full time job.

And it’s not like I’ve been eating pork rinds and Ding Dongs my whole life.

I wasn’t wildly overweight or underweight. Most people couldn’t even tell I was feeling crummy.

But after my second sons’ birth, I never really returned to the cadence of my former health.

And in recent years, I’ve been pursuing more aggressively the elusive homeostasis I used to enjoy but took for granted.

From my hair to my skin to my endocrine system to my organs to my frame, nearly every system has presented “issues” for me to treasure hunt.

It has been an expensive, time-consuming journey that requires daily effort.

Hunting down my health issues has become another Full Time Job.

Can you relate?

Are you drowning in apple cider vinegar and health remedies but still tackling issue after issue?

Get in line.

Take a number.

(And if you haven’t joined the effort to reclaim health it means that you likely haven’t reached the point of pain yet. Because THAT point of pain –which is different for all of us – will get your attention like a bull in a china shop.)

The Point of Pain comes when Body starts dishin’ OUT what you’ve been dishin’ IN.

And at that moment, or in a series of successively onerous moments, you willingly or unwillingly begin to Reclaim Your Health.

In our case, my husband almost died from encephalitis.

And our world came crashing in.

But that’s for another blog.

This one is to encourage you that your Second Full Time Job is WORTH IT.

But I’m not going to candy-coat it. (Because we all know that sugar is a poison.) AND because I don’t want to downplay that it’s a SACRIFICE of time, energy, effort, and money to get your health back.

It has been 5 years since we started our journey in earnest.

We started with tinctures to help heal my husband’s virus. We began pulling OFF layers and layers of stuff.

Reclaiming my health is another full time job

We pulled out our carpet (and didn’t replace it).

We dumped our microwave.

We broke up with soda.

We went organic.

We got our bodies moving.

We started cleaning up our limited thinking.

And that was just the beginning.

And we are still fully employed and engaged in reclaiming our health.

Full time.

Because if you think about it, anything in life that is worth having can’t be acquired in a snap. Fast food proves that.

In fact, the most worthy pursuits in life are full time jobs.

another full time job

These are full time gigs. They’re not for sissies. They’re a lifestyle of commitment.

And so it goes with our health.

It is, in fact, a Full Time Job.

Yes, just like your family or your career – it deserves our attention. And it will let you know if we’ve neglected it.

It’s full time work because it IS your life. Health, by definition, IS life.

To be full of health is to be vibrant. To be vibrant is to be full of life.

To lack health is to lack vitality. To lack vitality is to lack life.

So I’ve decided that, instead of resisting the fact that tending my health is so time and energy-consumptive, I will embrace that it is a worthy full-time pursuit.

It’s okay to have more than one full time job. Because – after all – I don’t think of my career as a “job.” And I don’t think of marriage or parenting or communing with God as a “job.” They’re worthy endeavors. They’re part of my lifestyle. They’re chosen pursuits.

Reclaiming my health is another full time job

So if you’ve felt a bit overwhelmed by the journey to reclaim health, you are in good company.

A company of people who insist on whole, optimal living.

A company of people who are willing to integrate tending THEMSELVES as they tend their spouse, kids, and spirit.

An emergent company of committed, personally-responsible, living on purpose Health Reclaimists!

Welcome to the family of Life Reclaimists who gladly have MANY full-time pursuits as we trade in compromised living for fullness!


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