3 Tools You Already Have to Live a Life of Order

When people need to get organized, they think of physical order and dramatic makeovers.

But a makeover is not where true and lasting order BEGINS!

If you want to restore order to any area of your life, you’ve got to do a little deep digging before you roll up your sleeves and dig into the space to organize. This surprises a lot of people, because they think that order is established only through the physical practice of “putting things in their place.”

But I don’t want you to simply “pick up” or “tidy up.” (Because we all know how long THAT will last!)

I want you – whether you need external or internal order – to START well so that you can END well! Take the time – from the beginning of your project – to consider your priorities, the root causes of your challenges, and what you are already creating, and you will succeed in your efforts!

The idea of reclaiming your life may sound overwhelming. But, here’s the good news. You ALREADY have what it takes!


That’s right, since YOU are the expert in your own situation, you were pre-equipped with the tools you need to tackle ANY organizing problem or project.

Here are 3 surprising (and FREE!) tools you already possess to create a life of order:


Your best tool to live a life of order is your own priorities.

The very first thing we ask our new organizing clients is “What are your priorities?” Many of our clients are – at first- confounded by this simple question.

“What are your priorities?” may not sound like an “organizing” question until you really stop and think about it: Who cares if you “get organized” but you haven’t created a life that you really want?

Think about YOUR “why.” Why do you want to get organized in the first place? What do you want to make room for in your life by restoring order? The answer to this is YOUR PRIORITIES.

Now, a priority is different than a goal – which is finite and measurable. A priority is a guiding life value that you want to live in every day. For example, a goal would be attending your child’s soccer game on Saturday. But your PRIORITY would be “to be an engaged parent.” Can you see how completing your goals might end up feeling transactional but living out your true priorities will bring ongoing fulfillment?

I want to invite you to take a moment to pause here and jot down some of your life priorities. Just giving yourself the gift of 5 or 10 minutes to do this will fill your fuel tank! I’m shocked how many people have never given themselves the time and space to consider and write down their priorities…and I’m giving YOU permission to do that!

Let’s say one of your priorities is “vibrant family health.” In that case, one of your organizing projects might be to outfit your garage for a family exercise area. (Enroll your family in this project together by getting their input in the fun things you could do together and get their muscle in creating the space, too!)

Perhaps one of your priorities is a “connected marriage.” One of your organizing initiatives, then, might be to overhaul the master bedroom to create a peaceful and beautiful respite. (And you might want to add some date nights on your calendar, too!)

If you start every organizing project knowing what priorities it will make room for, you will have the motivation to finish and the best outcome.

Clearly defining your priorities is the first step in living a life of order because it will help you wisely invest your time, money, space, and resources. Once your priorities are clear, you can begin aligning your life to them!

Here are my family priorities!



Another tool you already have in your tool box to live a life of order is your detective skills!

I always tell people: I’m not just an organizer – I’m Nancy Drew! (She’s the famous girl detective in the vintage children’s book series.) In fact, what makes me an Order Restorer is that I am a detective. And you are, too!


Clutter – whether external or internal – is actually a manifestation of something else. Just like illness always has a root cause, clutter does, too! Disorganization is actually EVIDENCE of underlying issues!

Think of your clutter as a treasure trove of clues; it’s less intimidating than thinking of it as a chore! Now, get out your magnifying glass and examine your clues – these are the REASONS behind your clutter!

For example:

  • Business cards littering your desk may indicate that you don’t have a good contact management system
  • Piles of paper on the couch probably mean that you don’t have a good system for incoming mail
  • Clothes exploding out of the closet and all over the bedroom indicate either overage OR a variety of sizes (which means fluctuating weight)


Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is going on here that isn’t working?
  • What are the root causes BEHIND the clutter?


Discovering the causes of clutter will help you actually RESOLVE the problems at hand, rather than simply tidying up.



The 3rd radical tool to live a life of order that you already have is your words.

People often think their words are describing the world around them.

However, our words actually CREATE our reality.

Consider this:

If you complain about your clutter or home or relationships, you’ll find yourself disheartened

If you constantly say you’re overwhelmed, guess what? You’re overwhelmed.

On the other hand, if you effuse how thankful you are for your home, or your spouse, or a friendship, you get the warm fuzzy feelings. Amazing, right?

See, our words CREATE! Nothing had to HAPPEN to create those feelings other than you SPEAKING out that perspective.

Intentional, life-giving words are a powerful tool to restore order. You can start creating order TODAY by simply declaring phrases like:

  • “I’m choosing a life of order”
  • “I’m getting more organized every day”
  • “My home is going to serve my top priority of family connection”


To remind me to think (and live) in this creative power, I like to post encouraging words throughout my home. These remind me what’s most important to me and our family.


Seeing these words helps keep my priorities in the forefront of my life.

Reclaiming your life begins with establishing your priorities, using your detective skills, and creating with your words. Speak life over yourself, your family, and your home, and watch these FREE superpowers change your life!

Here’s to reclaiming your life!




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