25 Strategies to Order Your World

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Order Your Life
1. Replace “organizing” with “ordering.” Begin your journey by understanding organizing as a lifestyle, not an
activity. Only when we stop the endless efforts to pick at the problem and embrace an ordered life as an
ongoing priority can we see lasting change.

Order Your Space
7. Don’t tidy & stop rearranging. Tidying up and rearranging belongings are tactical mistakes we make when we so badly want to keep the clutter at bay. Instead of these short term fixes, we need to understand WHY our space
gets so packed in the first place and work to resolve those issues rather than endlessly shuffling things.

Order Your Time
15. Stop trying to do it all. We simply cannot do it all, nor should we try lest we become exhausted. All we’re really
responsible for is to do the things we’re led to do and to steward the talents and resources under our care.

Order Your Spiritual Life
19. Be intentional. We can allocate our funds according to our values. If you want to invest in your marriage, you
should see monies allocated to a date night or getaway. Too often we say that things are a priority to us that
never show up in our spending.

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